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Complete Affiliate Marketing Guide to Make Money Online

1.  What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is recommending someone else product to your friends or followers for a commission.

2. What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

There are some of the benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • Start with zero or little investment below $10.
  • Do it part time or full time. Do your existing job or business, complete your studies, take care of your parents and children, enjoy social life etc.
  • Say good bye to your boring 9:00 am to 5:00 pm job.
  • Do it from anywhere in the world such as from home or office or school (in breaks).
  • No need for day to day management. You make money while enjoying vacation or sleeping. You can resume your business from where you have left.
  • Unlimited earning potential and growth opportunities. Promote as many products as you want. There are hundreds of marketplaces and affiliate programs and tens of thousands of products to promote.
  • Get paid up to 75% commission on sale. It is the affiliate marketer who makes most out of each sale.

3. Is affiliate marketing for me?

Affiliate marketing is for anyone who has:

  • PC or Laptop.
  • Internet connection.
  • Good at connecting with people.
  • Bank account.

If you have an existing Facebook account or blog, you can make money referring products to your friends or visitors.

NO academic qualification or certification required.

You do NOT need to have good English.

NO experience required.

You DO NOT need to have your own product. You can promote others product.

You DO NOT need any IT skills or specialized knowledge or background.

You DO NOT need to have in-depth knowledge of the product or market niche in which you are operating. However, you may need to do some research on your product and market niche to get started.

4. Top reasons why you need to do affiliate marketing?

  1. If you want freedom,
  2. If you are an entrepreneur and want to become a CEO of your own business,
  3. If you are looking for a side business to boost your monthly income,
  4. If you are housewife and cannot leave home but still want to become independent,
  5. If you are student and want to fund your education,
  6. If you are retired person and want to keep yourself busy,
  7. If you are in financial difficulty and want to repair your debt but do not have any money,
  8. If you are highly motivated person and want to achieve something worthwhile in your life,
  9. If people thinks you are worthless or loser,
  10. If you want to get rid of your boring job.
  11. If you want to get rid of your stupid boss,
  12. If you are jobless and currently finding a job,

then affiliate marketing is the right choice for you. You should definitely try affiliate marketing,

There are plenty of affiliate products on topics like:

  • Business and Investing
  • Parenting and Families
  • Self-help and Spirituality
  • Ecommerce and Emarketing
  • Education and Languages
  • Software and Internet
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Home and Gardening
  • Games
  • Health and Fitness

5. Future of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is 100% legitimate business and therefore your future is secured.

Now days more and more business are offering their products online. So they need someone who can refer their products to potential customers. The more affiliate marketers they recruit the more they will earn. Therefore, they are offering massive commissions to affiliate marketers to attract and retain them.

6. How to do affiliate marketing?

In this article, i will guide you through the step by step process of making money via affiliate marketing.

Step 1: Signup at affiliate marketplace. One of the most popular market places is Clickbank.com

Step 2: Open or use your existing Facebook account or setup a free blog at blogger.com

Step 3: Choose your market niche and product depending on your interests and skills

Step 4: Generate your affiliate link. This link will contain your unique user id, so that you can be rewarded on each sale made through your referral.

Step 5: Spread a word about your affiliate product via Facebook or blog. Place your affiliate link in the posts.

Step 6: Take payment from affiliate marketplace. You can set payment frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and mode of payment (bank transfer, check, PayPal).

Affiliate marketing is NOT a rocket science, it is as simple as shown in the above steps. However, it is recommended to do some research before starting it.

7. Testimonials or reviews of affiliate marketers

There are some of the affiliate marketers, who are earning 6 figure income working part time or full time.

  • Stefan Pylarinos – Here is a super affiliate that not only makes his money from affiliate marketing but from Kindle publishing, e-commerce and coaching. He has a reputation for being down to earth and delivering quality products with no fluff. He has made millions of dollars by the age of 27.
  • John Crestani – Stepping out of the corporate world and getting into affiliate marketing John became an expert in a short amount of time making millions of dollars and earning a spot as one of the top super affiliate marketers.
  • Tai Lopez – Say what you want about Tai, but this guy is going down as one of the top affiliate marketers of 2017.  You either love him or hate him, but you do have to admit Tai knows how to sell himself  and earn millions.
  • Charles Ngo – It’s hard to believe the success that this super affiliate has achieved in such a short amount of time. As of this post, Charles has only been in the affiliate marketing business for 9 short years. Yet he has made millions of dollars and become one the top trainers in the business. His Affcelerator workshop training is well received among the elite affiliates in the industry.
  • Zac Johnson – Here is  a guy that has been in the online marketing game for 20 years. Getting his start at an early age, he learned how to “make a buck” online  with banner ads and sending traffic to free offers.
  • Other affiliate marketers are Sarah Staar, Martin Osborn ( known as “Finch Sells” ), Dan Brock (known as “Deadbeat Super Affiliate”), Luke Kling ( known as LukePeerfly ), Jeremy Schoemaker ( known as “ShoeMoney” ), Rob Cornish, John Chow, Ron Cripps, Mathew Woodward, Mark Ling, Kim Rowley, Shawn Collins, Lynn Terry

95% of You Will Ignore This 2019 Marketing Strategy | Business Squared Keynote in Australia

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